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The research activities of the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are supported by NYCC’s Research Department. A primary goal of the Research Department is to establish a collaborative research program to address the multifactorial aspects of musculoskeletal pain disorders within the theoretical framework of understanding the biology of alternative therapies. The Research Department is also developing an infrastructure that will allow our college to participate in federally funded clinical trials and outcomes research. The Research Department promotes an environment, which encourages students and faculty to participate in and value research.

Within this research infrastructure, there are resources available to faculty and students to support both the integration and development of AOM research activities into the college environment. At the current time, research initiatives at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine reflect the varied interests of its faculty. NYCC continually works to develop collaborative relationships with other colleges and universities that will provide opportunities for our faculty and students to address experimental and clinical research questions in AOM as principal investigators, co-investigators, research assistants and research clinicians. The curriculum of the Finger Lakes School of AOM includes coursework that examines research fundamentals, and explores current developments in both basic science and clinical studies in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. NYCC is an institutional member of the Society for Acupuncture Research and is proud to support the activities of the Society.

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