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Clinical Experience

The Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine offers rich and diverse clinical experiences in which students spend time in multiple affiliated sites. The clinical program is designed to give students exposure to a wide variety of patient populations within distinct settings. Students have the opportunity to work with numerous experienced practitioners, which further broadens their knowledge and skills. Students begin clinical training in their first year. They progress from observers, in their first trimester, to assistants in their fourth trimester to interns in their sixth trimester. Student interns work closely with clinical supervisors to gather data, assess patients’ conditions, develop treatment plans and deliver complete acupuncture and Oriental medicine care.

The Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine prepares graduates to participate in the growing field of integrative health care. As interns, they learn to be comfortable working in many clinical settings, including hospitals, and to effectively collaborate with other health care practitioners. The College continuously seeks educational opportunities that provide comprehensive and valuable clinical experiences that will effectively achieve these goals. One significant clinical training site is at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Canandaigua. NY. Student satisfaction surveys consistently demonstrate that students and graduates consider their clinical education to be a strong component of their education at NYCC.


The FLSAOM currently has several primary clinical sites where students can complete their clinical training. Students are required to complete one trimester of training (15 shifts, or 105 hours) at three of the sites: the VA Medical Center, the Campus Health Center (CHC), and the Seneca Falls Health Center (SFHC). The other sites are optional.

Campus Health Center (CHC)

NYCC Campus - Academic 1, Room 110

Phone: 315-568-3164

The Campus Health Center is located in the Academic I building of the NYCC Campus at Seneca Falls. NYCC students, faculty, staff, and their immediate families receive complimentary acupuncture and chiropractic treatments and associated modalities.

Because services are free to the entire NYCC community, there is a great deal of variety in patient presentations. Frequently seen conditions include pain, anxiety, GI conditions, and gynecological conditions. Additionally, acute cases, including trauma, external invasion, etc., will frequently present for treatment at the CHC. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine care is available at this site three to four days per week. Clinicians see between 10 and 20 patients, and students see on average five to seven patients per day.

Several of the FLSAOM faculty practice at the CHC clinic supervising both assistant and intern level students.

Seneca Falls Health Center (SFHC)

NYCC Campus

Phone: 315-568-3166

The SFHC is NYCC’s flagship health center, with nine rooms for acupuncture treatment, a full-time chiropractic clinic, a massage therapist, a clinical nutritionist, a medical doctor, and a podiatrist. The FLSAOM Oriental Medicine Dispensary is also located at this site. Services are available to members of the public. It is run as a private practice, with staff to manage the front desk and handle insurance billing. Clinicians see between 10 and 20 patients per day, with each intern seeing between four and six patients per day. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are available four days per week. The variety of patients seen here is great, ranging from pain to internal diseases to infertility or dermatological cases and pediatrics.

At the Seneca Falls Health Center, students have the opportunity to see an integrative healthcare practice in action. Here, patients from the community can choose from chiropractic, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, massage, physical therapy, podiatry, as well as allopathic medical care. The Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary located at the Seneca Falls Health Center prepares herbal orders for all of the clinics. These include whole herbs, pills, and granulated herbs.

Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospital, Canandaigua

400 Fort Hill Avenue

Canandaigua, NY 14424

FLSAOM students provide care to veterans on an outpatient and inpatient basis at the Canandaigua Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC). Acupuncture is provided as a specialty clinic (as is podiatry, chiropractic, ophthalmology etc...). Students work with the guidance, assistance, and supervision of experienced faculty members who have been at the VA for several years. While the most frequent referral into the Acupuncture Service is for intractable chronic pain, students can encounter a variety of clinical presentation involving common and uncommon comorbidities, psycho-social issues, and challenging complaints including complex neurological and orthopedic conditions. The pace of the clinic, the complexity of the presenting conditions, engagement with electronic record keeping, the integrative character of the care delivered, and the opportunity to give back to men and women who have placed themselves in harm's way on behalf of our nation make this clinic an important and rewarding aspect of the student's development as a clinician.

At the VAMC, students learn to use electronic medical records, review charts from other healthcare practitioners, and work within the complex medical environment of the VA.