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New York Chiropractic College is committed to academic excellence, quality patient care, and professional leadership.


New York Chiropractic College will be recognized as a leading institution for the education and training of natural healthcare professionals and academicians who embrace interprofessional collaboration.


We value...

  • the core principles of all our natural healthcare programs;
  • our heritage as a chiropractic educational institution;
  • the provision of the finest natural healthcare education, clinical experience, and support systems to facilitate alumni success in diverse careers;
  • innovative teaching and learning methods that complement and enhance our existing programs;
  • the development and utilization of best practices in lifelong learning, interprofessional collaborative healthcare, scholarship, and the exploration of new knowledge;
  • excellence, honesty, accountability, and fiscal responsibility in all endeavors;
  • diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance in all interactions;
  • an environment that balances knowledge, authority, and responsibility;
  • the cultivation of nurturing relationships with all our stakeholders; and
  • our role as an authority in natural healthcare education and the leadership role(s) our faculty, staff, and alumni have within the communities they serve.